Saturday, 11 May 2013

C/C++ Build System

I've talked before - here and elsewhere - about the state of C and C++ build systems. And it's not good. Basically, right now, the ecosystem comes down to a whole bunch of disparate tools that are all difficult to use, and that pretty much all involve using a code-driven build script in one way or another (Be it m4 - e.g. Autotools, python - e.g. Waf, or some custom language - e.g. CMake)

So, I'm toying with the idea of writing my own. Probably a stupid idea, and probably one that will never go anywhere, but we'll see. I'm currently playing with the idea of a Maven style build system, where you write configuration file(s) to describe the build and the build system understands that and does the work. This will likely work, similar to Maven, in a plugin-oriented way to make it easy to extend the build system if necessary, but so that you always write your actual build scripts in a declarative configuration file instead of in code...

Watch this space :)

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